"The very first day Nikola and Johan discover that they have a common interest. They both like music. While Nikola unpacks the guitar Johan runs into the garden and start looking for wooden sticks. He carves them into drum sticks. A chair turned backwards will have to do as a drum kit. Together they then perform with music and song, Nikola on guitar, Johan on drums. Both sing - even though they do not understand each other's language.

- I understand him well, says Nikola. I can read his words through his eyes."




From the autobiography "Excluded, outnumbered , accepted and welcomed " by Rasmus Isaksson (Recito , 2009)





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This page will mainly contain information about what I do and photos from my travels. In addition to my assignment as the president of DHR, I am currently writing a book about my travels. The purpose of this page is mainly to provide further inspiration for travelers, mainly through pictures, and eventually also keeping in touch with my readers.

I have previously written an autobiographical book called "Frozen, Condemned, Accepted and Welcome" (Recito, 2009). The book was used mainly in my former company, in which I offered lectures and workshops regarding my experience-based knowledge about the importance of appreciating people's differences and learn from human interaction. The book is written in Swedish.

Feel free to look me up on social medias. I am on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (search by my name). Easiest way to contact me is through the contact form that can be found on my contact page.

Due to my current assignment as the president of DHR, this page will not be updated on a regular basis. When the book is ready, I will inform you about this but in the meantime, please check out my gallery for updates from my trips. In my gallery I also publish pictures of my art.

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