"The very first day Nikola and Johan discover that they have a common interest. They both like music. While Nikola unpacks the guitar Johan runs into the garden and start looking for wooden sticks. He carves them into drum sticks. A chair turned backwards will have to do as a drum kit. Together they then perform with music and song, Nikola on guitar, Johan on drums. Both sing - even though they do not understand each other's language.

- I understand him well, says Nikola. I can read his words through his eyes."




From the autobiography "Excluded, outnumbered , accepted and welcomed " by Rasmus Isaksson (Recito , 2009)



Welcome to rasmusisaksson.se


About me

I started this website because I was running a buisness a few years ago. I was selling lectures, workshops and consultation within the area of diversity. Since 2013 I am the president of DHR, an organization for the rights of persos with reduced mobility.

I have a disability called Spina bifida or Myelomeningocele. I am a wheelchair user and had surgery as a small child to insert a shunt since I was affected by hydrocephalus.

My two major hobbies are sports and travel. I practice sports 5-6 times a week and have been competing with the Swedish national team in a sport called para ice hockyey. I have two bronze medals from the Paralympics i Nagano 1998 and Salt Lake City 2002. I also have a bronze medal from the world championship in USA in the year of 2000. Through my involvement in sports I got to travel a lot. My goal is to visit 100 countries. Travel for me is a way of learning more about myself, other people, other cultures, and life itself. I like the idea of challenging myself and challenging how other people percieves my limitations.


Other facts about me is that I have worked one year withín the tourism business, accessible tourism to be specific, and that I written an autobiography called "Excluded, outnumbered , accepted and welcomed " (Recito , 2009).


This is my private website. Here are some of the things You will be able to read about on my website:


  • Inspiration from my travels through writing and pictures.
  • Updates on how I am proceeding with my geneology research. Pictures and facts.
  • Inspiration through food. Recipes, stories and pictures.
  • Future plans and projects.
  • Pictures from my daily life, from nature and art work.
  • Archive with news articles, my history and more.
  • FAQ (frequently Asked Questions) and comments from You, my readers.
  • My blog will be written mostly in Swedish but occasionally I will write in English. If needed, a suggestion is to use google translate.



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